Girls Takeover

Summary of this program: Parittran and National Children’s Task Force (NCTF) under the Y-Moves project with technical assistance of Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (SIDA), the “Girls Take over” program is arranged and implemented by Parittran on International Day of the Girl. The program was held to create the equal opportunity, equal rights and to build the confidence of girls live. The purpose of this Girls Takeover is to instill dreams in teenagers and young women and make them believe that they can dream and lead. To help an adolescent, girl child or young woman to take on the role of a leader so that her confidence increases and she commits to achieving her dreams.

Objectives: • The main objective of the ‘Girls Takeover’ program is to provide opportunities for girls to show their position, leadership, decisions and success in the leading areas of society where women are rarely seen and where the success of women is less heard. Achievements:

  1. Participants received a clear message about the Gals Takeover program.
  2. Adolescents are aware of the problems caused by climate change.
  3. Health materials will be distributed to all girls and secondary schools including Munda community from the upazila family planning office.


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