Our Expertise & Achievements
The experience gained and skills acquired through the 29 years of Parittran are expressed below:
1. Parittran has expertise in advocacy on human rights issues like transforming grassroots issues into national issues for ensuring rights of disadvantage community.

2. Parittran has expertise to bring the changes in social attitudes towards excluded communities through the campaigning and social mobilization.

3. Parittran has expertise on climate change and adaptation in longer period on skill development training, agricultural adaptation, livestock adaptation, resilience infrastructure, adaptive water and sanitation options, fisheries and so on. Side by side has expertise on disaster risk reduction for the most disadvantage community.

4. Parittran is expert on Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights (SRHR), Gender Based Violence (GBV), Child rights and protection issue;

5. Parittran has expertise on mass awareness program like courtyard meeting, developing information, education and communication material and behavior change communication materials, human chain and media campaign for making a strong community groups through the mobilization.

6. Parittran has extraordinary expertise on working with discriminated and marginalized women, adolescent and youth, mother and infant, minorities, people with disabilities, extreme poor and vulnerable people as the same time working with other socially excluded communities in our working areas.

7. Parittran is expert on Social Accountability Tools (SA) such as Community Score card, public hearing, social audit.

8. Parittran has expertise to make strong linkage and supportive networks and coalitions to play a significant role in raising voice against human rights violations.

9. Parittran has expertise on public sector strengthening like access to services for the service seekers, demand generation from the community for ensuring rights, linkage establishing with service provider institutions with the community, proactive role by service providers to serve the community and so on.

10. Parittran has expertise to make strong collaboration in together with the community and government officials, lawmakers, national advocacy and lobbying groups, private sector leaders and representatives of the concerned communities to identify challenges and develop, both local and national solutions.

11. Parittran has strong expertise and capability to work with different donor organization.

12. Parittran has expertise and leadership role to handle and manage various development sector actors and likeminded organization as well as CSOs.

13. Parittran has expertise in participatory program development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

14. Parittran has expertise on financial management of various national and international donor funded project management.

15. Parittran has expertise on human resource management, financial resource management, and resource mobilizations through engaging respective stakeholders.

1. Parittran is led by the Dalit for the Dalit.

2. Provide overall support for capacity building of community.

3. Importance of human resources than material possessions.

4. Parittran works to strengthen the government-non-government service agencies, CSO, marginalized and others at the local level.

5. Strengthening the advocacy power of marginalized people by connecting them with policy makers at national and international levels to gain the ability to protest when human rights are violated.

Successful advocacy
1. Anti-Discrimination Act 2022.

2. Child Marriage Restraint Act 2017.

3. Special Area for Development (SAD) 2016 included Dalit by Prime Minister Office.

4. Dalit, Horijon, Bede UnnayanProkalpo 2013.

5. Admission Quota in Public Universities in the academic year of 2012-2013.

6. Allocation budget for Dalit in the national budget in the year of2011-2012.

7. Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act 2010.

8. Right to Information Act 2009.