Women’s Rights Campaign

Women’s Rights Campaign


Right in the beginning Parittran had nurtured its vision of upholding gender equality as it was challenged by the glaring reality in the rural areas in particular where poverty and cultural oppression have, since in those early years, devastated and debased the integrity of men, women and children. For about twenty years now working amongst these most disadvantaged people in the South West region, Parittran has to grow and learn from its experiences from amongst these men, women and children. Where their rights are violated, their skills have been lacking, or attitudes exhibited chauvinist. Parittran has to address these constraining conditions/attitudes also transforming and bringing itself into the mainstream process.

Thus, gender specific and related needs and interventions were provided to its primary organizations members such as gender orientation for the spouse forum, training on gender and rights, Gender and Development (members and LEBs), women and laws etc. Parittran also ensures women direct involvement in its Primary Organization and Federation as well as in the local structures.

Parittran has clear indication as per gender policy provisions that there will women and men ratio be 70:30 so that most disadvantaged women addressing by its program and project.

Women right campaign;

Women rights campaign remaining in relation with the CEDAW convention. Till date Parittran campaigning women right concerns at local and national issue. Parittran also crucially engaged with local and national level advocacy for policy issue and establishment of women rights. Parittran nurtured the Gender Change Activist at local level as change makers and women in decision making process. Parittran addressing all sorts of violence against women.

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