Social Mobilization

Social Mobilization: In order to reach the Parittran’s goals to rebuild discrimination free society Parittran working since it born as dedicated Social activist group (SAG) to address Gender, Class and caste based discrimination through creating social movement. Parittran facilitating Gender change activist group (GCA), Social Protection group (SPG), Right protection group (RPG), Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP) to strengthen social movement for eradicating all sorts of discrimination from society and activate local government & decision making bodies also.

Dalit & excluded peoples has perceived needs to inclusion in society, local decision making bodies, Cultural, political and economical empowerment. Parittran promoting the dalit peoples to include them in political empowering process. In 2009 Parittran promoted dalit leaders to local election and these initiatives also created assertiveness of dalits peoples that they have political right. Mainstreamed peoples also encourages this action. Otherwise, during last local govt. election we have arranged commitments of candidates for dalits (Election candidate forum) to sensitized LGs for address dalits needs and basic rights.

Community Mobilization: As action oriented activities Parittran facilitating community mobilization whether it is an effective strategy to include dalit in development policy as well as services & resources. Primary groups are being motivated and raising their voice to establish right and equal dignity.

Parittran promoting dalit culture and heritage. Parittran observing special cultural day of dalit and ethnic. World dignity day, 21st March day for the elimination of racial discrimination, world indigenous day also observe in every year. Sometimes parittran and international art individuals bringing up the culture of dalits. In 2010, italian D+ art org. and parittran demonstrated Dalit art installation in Dhaka Shilpokala Academy to draw kind attention of Human right, govt. development supporters and civil society.

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