Promoting RTI

Parittran as the community led organization realized through conducted the participatory action research (PAR) in 2002 that exclusion from information are the major causes of extreme poverty of hardcore poor in particulars dalits, ethnic and excluded peoples. Paritran started from 2002 the easy access in information of disadvantaged peoples through set up community based information center, mobile information booth as it is. Thereafter, Parittran started movement at southern part for peoples access in information and carried out mass mobilization, public hearing, citizen charts in LGs. Behind the movement Parittran building unity in community peoples to raising voice for Right to information act at local level. In line with this movement it has explored at national level and other CSOs involved this movement. RTI act 2009 declared by govt. and peoples get in touch to expected outcome from its, Parittran set the RTI as cross cutting issue in it programmatic focus area. Parittran conducted training on RTI for beneficiaries and targeted groups, mobilization and campaign executed and Now, Parittran implementing activity like awareness building on RTI, Advocacy with govt. , facilitating dalit & excluded to apply for required information, follow up to community that how they using received information to change their living standard. As a result dalit in Bagerhat, Satkhira, Khulna, Jessore district accessibility in resources like khasland, water bodies, health, education, job has increased. Parittran volunteery extend the RTI knowledge for poor and voiceless dalit & excluded peoples for well being of these communities.

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