Title of the project:

PRODEP (Promoting right of dalit & excluded people)


Rational and background:  Dalit’s in Bangladesh often deprived, excluded from the society and defined as untouchable. They are politically, economically, socially excluded and exploited. Sometimes, dalit’s are not allowed in access to public places, they have poor access to justice, services and resources. Still social caste practice remains although Bangladesh Constitutions recognizes all human being have equal right and state never will show any kind of discrimination based on caste, gender and class. But dalit’s neglected and deprived. In the aim to reduction of caste based discrimination and establishment dalit human rights Parittran working for promoting human rights of dalits by the support of MJF since 2006. Currently Parittran working for Promoting Rights of Dalit and Excluded Peoples (PRODEP) project at Keshobpur and Monirampur Upazilla under Jessore District for the period from 01 August 2013 and will continue its operation to 31 December 2016.

Goal of the project:  Protecting human rights of dalits and others human rights as well as reduced caste based discrimination


To enhanced accessibility in services and resources at keshobpur & Monirampur Upazila by project period.

To strengthening dalit movement and different stakeholders shown positive attitude towards dalits.

To enhanced capacity for reduce poverty.

Major activity:

Activities under objective 1:

  1. Dalit Right Protection Group formation and reformation (community, union, upazilla level)

  2. Awareness building ; courtyard meeting, Interactive drama, coordination meeting

  3. Group Capacity Building; Human rights, Organization management, leadership building

  4. Access to information of dalits and social excluded groups;

  • Motivate to dalits for application under RTI act

  • RTI day observation and RTI campaign at upazilla level.

  1. Community mobilization

  2. Education Stipend for dalit students

  3. Dialogue meeting at union level

  4. Media campaign ; Publication of BCC materials


Activities under Objective 2:

  1. Advocacy seminar and workshop at district level

  2. Consultation & Workshop with Bangladesh Dalit Parishad on Dalit rights, Dalit in policy, Formation anti discrimination law and Dalit Commission to mobilize with 10 point demand and identify the area of discrimination, human rights violation.

  3. Fact finding on Human rights monitoring, Internet lobby & campaign and Legal Aid for survivors

  4. Dalit Campaign with 10 point demand ; Rally, Human Chain, memorandum submission, community letter campaign, signature campaign, demonstration, mass mobilization,

  5. students gathering

Activities under Objective 3:

  1. Support to skill development & vocational training

  2. Market chanel linkage building for dalits

  3. Dialouge meeting with related service providers like DY, MOWCA, DSS, Bank etc

Outcome of the project:

  1. Increased accessibility in services and rights of dalits

  2. Strengthened dalits movements and Institutionalized and build national unity among dalits.

  3. Reduced poverty rate of dalits community

  4. Project personal have enhanced skilled.

Target population: 

Dalits and Excluded community are the beneficiaries of the project.

Direct: 6110, Indirect: 25000.

  1. Geographical coverage:


Number of District



8 Union of Keshabpur & Manirampur Upazila under Jessore Distirct

  1. Allocated budget:

Amount BDT: 1,14,15,817 BDT

Project Duration: August 2013 to December 2016. 3 years.

Name of donor: logo

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