Past Project & Donor

Name of projects/program Major Program Focus Geographic coverage (Name of District & Upazila ) Budget in Taka Donor Name
Dalits Human rights violation movement and day observation program. Human rights Jessore, khulna and Satkhira Sadar. @1,20,000 Global Human Rights Defense, Nehterland
Gender Development and political empowerment of women through increasing local government sensitivity Women right & empowerment District: Satkhira

Upazilla: Tala

@Tk. 20,30,350 Steps Toward Development. SWIFT Network.
Recognition, Establishment and protection on the human right of dalits community peoples (REPHRDCP) Dalit Human right District: Jessore

Upazilla: Monirampur

Division: Dhaka, Shylet, Khulna, Chitagong, Borishal, Rajshahi, Rangpur.

@Tk 178,55513 Manusher Jonno Foundation
Promoting right of Dalit and Excluded (PRODEP) Human right Monirampur, Keshabpur Upazilla & 10 District of Khulna Division @Tk. 1,14,158,17 Manusher Jonno Foundation
Additional fund for improvement livelihood of disadvantaged community. Livelihood/Farming developmen/Food security District: Jessore

Upazilla: Monirampur


@Tk 29,50,000 Manusher Jonno Foundation
Improvement of livelihood status of Dalit community in Southern district of Bangladesh. Food security/Livelihood District: Satkhira

Upazilla: Tala,

@Tk. 6,761,985 Niwano Peace Foundation, Japan
Legal aid support for dalits groups Human right District: Satkhira, Khulna, Jessore

Upazilla: All upazilla

  Bangladesh Legal Aid & Services Trust
Dalits child Education Education District: Satkhira

Upazilla: Tala

@ Tk. 11,98,377 Yusuda Literacy Fund, Japan.
Mass awareness campaign through interactive drama and popular song on reproductive health, human rights, children rights, dalits rights, eve teasing, untouchables, early marriage and dowry, polygamy. Awareness

& Community

mobilization. Issue; Women right, Dalit right, Food security, Sustainable farming in agriculture sector, Trafficking, Child right, DRR etc.

District: Satkhira, Khulna, Jessore with other 7 district of Khulna division

Upazilla: All upazilla

@ Tk. 15,60,000 Parittran Theatre
Dalits empowerment including women through Income generating Activities (Fish Cultivation & Packet, tailoring training, mini garments Community

mobilization & Livelihood.

District: Satkhira

Upazilla: Tala

Own fund Parittran
Adolescent Development Program (reproductive health education) Child right/Girl/women empowerment District: Satkhira, Khulna, Jessore

Upazilla: Tala, Shyamnagor, Dumuria, Keshobpur

@Tk. 7,50,360 Serjo Foundation, BD
Food security Program for Flood affected peoples at Tala. Food Security District: Satkhira

Upazilla: Tala, Satkhira Sadar, Shyamnagar.

@ Tk. 3,29,335 Manusher Jonno Foundation


Child protection for flood affected Disaster prone District Satkhira. DRR District: Satkhira

Upazilla: Tala

@ Tk. 5,29,971 UNICEF & MOWCA
Enhanced coping capacity of the disadvantaged community (ECCDC) Adaptation to Climatic change, food security & Disaster Managements. District: Satkhira

Upazilla: Tala, Satkhira Sadar, Shyamnagar.

@ Tk. 1,43,97,700 European Union, EuropeAid/BD/L/129-187 – SMILING.
Promotion and Protection on the Human Rights of Dalits (PPHRD)”. Human right & Dalit empowerment. District: Satkhira, Khulna, Bagerhat, Jessore, Narail, Magura, Kustia, Chuadanga, Jhenaidah, @ Tk. 29,178,058 European Union, Europe Aid/BD/L/129-900 EIDHR
Our Report Towards Bangladesh (ORTOB) Child right District: Jessore

Upazilla: Monirampur   Keshabpur

@ Tk. 2,00,000 Save the Children- International
Protecting Human Rights –PHR Women right & empowerment District: Jessore

Upazilla: Monirampur

@ Tk. 80,67,153


Plan BAngladesh,& USAID
ABHIJATRI- Engaging Marginalized Women in Political process Women right & empowerment District: Satkhira


46,50,23 Steps Toward Development& Danchurch Aid
Pilot Project on Strengthening dalits human rights Movement to recognition and establishment on the human rights at Bangladesh. Dalit right & empowerment Shylet, Sunamganj Moulovibazar, Hobiganj 2,954,600 KIOS, Finland
Climate Change adaptation focusing food security promotion in coastal area of Bangladesh Climate change adaptation, food security Satkhira, Jessore, Khulna 1302427 Xaverian Missionary Society
Awareness Campaign on Reproductive Health and Rights for dalit and indigenous people Health Satkhira, Shyamnagar, ashashuni 3289014 Xaverian Missionary Society
Project on Stop child marriage and social protection Dalit and indigenous adolescent development Girls and women right Jessore, Satkhira District 281411 Parittran own fund
Dalit and Indigenous adolescent development program (DIAP) Adolescent development Dumuria, keshabpur, Tala, Satkhira Sadar upazilla 7416928 Xaverian Missionary Society
Alternative leadership development for local government local government Barishal Sadar, Gournadi sadar upazilla. 4088643 Global human right defense
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