Justice & Human Rights Protection

The program aims to decreased the racial/caste based discrimination by ensuring human rights of social excluded and dalit peoples in Bangladesh. Dalits and ethnic facing discrimination in their lifes. They are restricted to access over public places, local services and resources due to having social caste based discrimination. About 10 million peoples suffers by this systems. In order to promoting the human rights and establishment equal dignity Parittran working for dalits and other excluded peoples by leadership building among community, group formation and CBO management, advocacy, lobbying, mobilization, awareness building at across the country. Access to justice for dalits is one of the important issue of work.

Dalit Human right:

Dalit’s in Bangladesh often deprived, excluded from the society and defined as untouchable. They are politically, economically, socially excluded and exploited. Sometimes, dalit’s are not allowed in access to public places, they have poor access to justice, services and resources. Still social caste practice remains although Bangladesh Constitutions recognizes all human being have equal right and state never will show any kind of discrimination based on caste, gender and class. But dalit’s neglected and deprived. In the aim to reduction of caste based discrimination and establishment dalit human rights Parittran working for promoting human rights of dalits

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