Food Security & Livelihoods

Food Security & Livelihoods

Parittran identified drought, declining soil fertility, Salinity, Long time water logging, poor seed quality, losses of assets, lost of earning sources of dalit’s as major factors causing food insecurity. Dalit’s whose are known as untouchable and they are natural resource dependent peoples. Traditional occupation is the barrier to change their livelihood pattern. Dalits community like Rishi, Cobbler, Buno/Munda (tribes day labor), Fisherman, Marginal Farmer (Forest defender), Kayra (pig preventer), Behara, Tanti (cloth maker), Shikari (Hunter), Moiali (honey extractor) and others marginalized community. Parittran have area assessment report on the Satkhira and livelihood of targeted groups given is bellow;

2009 Assessment Results: Due to the impact of hazards made consequently heated by SIDR, AILA, extreme poor households lost lives, property, and other assets (trees, crops, farming equipments, food production and livestock etc.). The communities in Satkhira, Jessore, Khulna, Bagerhat districts are often unable to recover or to rebuild their livelihoods and the poorest households can be pushed into destitution and high risk to recover their health condition specially women and child.

Parittra working to have sustainable systems of agriculture, natural resource management and market access developed to provide food security and livelihoods for dalit’s in southern part of Bangladesh. The following we achieved ;

– 8 house hold Landless dalits has got khasland.

– 2730 house hold increased income

– 1 mini shoe factory securing 65 housedhold livelihood

– 7 Mini bamboo basket making community managed factory securing 218 household.

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