• Role of General Board: GB is the supreme authority of the organization. Parittran operates through a General Body (policy makers) and an Executive Board (decision makers). The GB at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) makes organizational policies, approves annual budget/project budget and audit, appoints auditors and elects the Executive Board.

  • Role of the Executive Board: Parittran has an active and supportive Executive Board. The EB members have a stake in the administrative and financial affairs, besides policy making and strategic management, which ensures financial transparency and accountability of the organization. The EB approves and reviews the projects and annual plan. The Board guides the Executive Director for smooth and proper implementation of program.

  • Process of formation of GB: General board consisted with 29 members from different sectors of society whose are dedicated to establish equal right among all human being as well as achieving the view of organization. The organization constitution is applicable for Change of GB and EC.

  • Process of formation of EB: The all members of Executive board are selected by the election which organized by General board. They are elected for two year as per organizational constitution.

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